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Bitter Is Sweet: The Amaro + Cheese Experience


Ciao, bella! Enjoy a taste of Italy at this event from Gilbert's Cheese Experience: a cheese-pairing pop-up that connects consumers with local producers. Led by Brian Gilbert, head cheesemonger at Beecher's Handmade Cheese, and culinary storyteller Holly Regan, you'll learn how your food and drinks are made, meet the people who make them and go on an interactive tasting journey.

Amaro is a type of Italian liqueur that's herbal, complex and delicious. While the name literally means "bitter," amari are wonderfully versatile spirits, with flavor profiles ranging from savory to earthy to spice to cherry-cola sweet. Unlike other types of bitters, an amaro is lovely to drink on its own, though it's also delicious when mixed in a cocktail or paired with food — and we'll give you a taste of all three!

We're teaming up with Cedar & Spokes Coffee & Bar to bring you a global evening of cheese and spirits from the heart of Seattle's food culture: Pike Place Market. Cedar & Spokes mixologist Justin Thimmesch has selected four of his favorite amari and crafted a signature cocktail, which we'll pair with four fine artisan cheeses.

Each ticket includes:

  • Four (4) samples of amari.

  • Four (4) samples of artisan cheese.

  • One (1) amaro cocktail.

  • Assorted snacks throughout the event.

Discover new flavors, have a lot of fun and learn a few things, too! For our 21+ friends only.

Cost: $75