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Note: The Mexican Feast event originally scheduled for Sat., Sept. 7 has been rescheduled to Sun., Dec. 8 at 6pm. See calendar for details.


food culture, re-imagined.

At Gilbert’s Cheese Experience, we go beyond simple pairings. We create full-sensory, pop-up Experiences that combine the highest-quality cheeses with carefully curated food and beverage selections. Hosted on-site with local producers, we share the stories of the people and processes behind the things you eat and drink. You won’t just taste — you’ll go on an immersive journey that directly engages you with our culinary community. 


Don’t just taste. Experience.

Our Experiences are more than just classes, and our methodology goes beyond “farm to table.” We take you directly to the source of the foods and beverages you love: from the creamery to the brewery; the coffeehouse to the cafe; the pasture to the pub; the farm to the food truck.

During each Experience, you'll immediately enter into an immersive environment in which all of your senses can participate as you learn about the products you're about to encounter. And of course, you’ll get to sample the finest cheese, food and beverage selections.

With just the right elements of education, interaction, atmosphere and attitude, you’ll want to revisit each Experience again and again.


don't just learn. interact.

We're not just going to talk at you while you count the minutes until you can eat or drink. Instead, we’ll take you on an interactive learning experience where you can see, touch, smell, listen, ask questions and weigh in. You’ll hear from the producers themselves to discover how foods and beverages are made. You'll get to sample along the way, and it will culminate in a full-sensory cheese pairing.

We want you to become part of the Experience, and we share knowledge to empower you. We won’t tell you what you “should” enjoy, or which pairings are “right” and “wrong.” We simply offer our expertise, giving you the tools to go forth and find what fits your palate and preferences. You’ll get to experiment to find combinations you like and share them with others in your Experience — and beyond! 


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 upcoming experiences


sept 6 amaro + cheese at cedar & spokes

Taste the Italian bitter that's oh-so-sweet, paired with fine artisan cheeses and mixed in a signature cocktail!


oct 26 whiskey + cheese with woodinville whiskey

Kick wine and cheese night up a notch; let's pair whiskey and cheese!



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