Our Philosophy 


At Gilbert’s Cheese Experience, our mission is to connect consumers with their food and beverages, and the community of people who make them.

We believe foods and drinks are so much more than things we consume. Not only do they sustain our bodies, they should also sustain our souls. They are the building blocks of civilization, and play a vital role in local and global ecosystems. We also believe they should be carefully sourced and crafted to reflect a conscious stewardship for the natural and human-made places we call home.


We care deeply about building sustainable communities, both at home and across the globe. We’re a member of the Seattle Good Business Network, reflecting this care and dedication to the Seattle ecosystem and to building a sustainable future for us all.


But what we really love about food and drink goes beyond the products themselves: It’s about what they facilitate between people. It’s the way they bring us together, serving as powerful tools for building community and bridging divides. It’s the celebration that takes place when the people we love gather around a well-stocked table. And it’s the art and creativity they facilitate, allowing producers, purveyors and consumers alike to express themselves.

Think back to some of your favorite times going out for a meal, beverage or treat. What made these times so special? Of course, things have to taste good. But what really makes dining or drinking memorable goes far beyond the flavor.

Perhaps it was the friendly conversation you had with the hostess, or the waiter’s encyclopedic knowledge of French wines. Maybe it was the tantalizing smells that wafted toward you from the kitchen. It could have been the Instagram-worthy presentation of the dish, or the photorealistic detail of the latté art. Maybe it was the way the lighting was just soft enough, and the music was just right to fit the mood.

Odds are, it was a little bit of all of these elements, combining in just the right amounts, in just the right way, at just the right time. And we’ll bet it all came together in that moment when you and your companion tasted the food or drink at the same time, and locked eyes in a moment of shared recognition, as the flavors, smells, textures, sights and sounds combined and you breathed: “Oh, wow — this is good.”

Now, compare this with one of those times where you went out to eat or drink, and something just wasn’t quite right. Maybe it didn’t taste good, or maybe it was just one of those times we’ve all had where all the elements were there, on paper, and it should have been amazing, but it just wasn’t.


What’s the difference?

It’s about the experience.

At Gilbert’s Cheese Experience, we create events you’ll remember, revisit and re-create. Let us take you on an interactive journey to learn how your food and drinks are made, so you can make more conscious consumer choices. We’ll share the stories of the people and processes behind these products, connecting you with the ecosystems we’re all part of. You’ll learn what makes a truly exceptional pairing, so you can create experiences that you love. And we’ll all have fun with a full-sensory, interactive tasting experience, matching cheese with other specialty food and/or beverage items.


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